Why are you reading this?

A work in progress


I'm currently learning HTML and CSS, so there's nothing here yet. This is a test page, just to see if I can throw together a basic page styled with CSS. What will I put up later? I'm thinking of making a list of reference links, but I'll be doing that after I finish the course I'm learning from. For right now, you're stuck with this.

Here. Have some links.

HTML Tutorial for Beginners and CSS Tutorial for Beginners by EJ Media - The course I'm learning from. It's a bunch of videos, but they're all short and to the point.
My tumblr - Reblogs of retro sci-fi art, prog rock, and found words.
My writing tumblr - This will eventually be an offshort of it.
Refdesk - News, trivia, and reference links.
Spotify - Because I got tired of by the numbers classic rock stations and modern country music sometime in the 00s.
File 770 - Mike Glyer's Sci-fi news blog.
Pattern Cooler - A spiffy texture generator. I created this page background with it.
Superbad - ??? ??? ???